• Image of Trail Of The Serpent (CD)

Follow up album to "Two titans". Released by Candlelight Records:

01. The Gathering
02. Following The Trail
03. Stench Of Prey
04. Driven Snow

SLUDGELORD - "Right from the very start of opener “The Gathering”, Galvano let you know what the next 40 minutes is going to be about: a relentless onslaught of weapons-grade riffage. “Trail of the Serpent” consists of four weighty slabs of monolithic riffcraft that bring to mind all that is great in the world of sludge and doom."

POWERMETAL.DE - "The duo from Gothenburg who created the "Trail of the Serpent" four monumental epics, which not only take into account the character of the Doom scene in itself, but also some more modern set pieces can call their own."

NO CLEAN SINGING - "“Stench of Prey” has gone straight to my list of candidates for 2015′s “Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs”. The thick, sludgy riff at the core of the track reaches out with gnarled hands and puts your neck in an iron grip. I defy you to break the hold. And while it’s bending your head to its implacable will, the rumbling/tumbling drumwork will be doing a demolition job on your spine. And if all that doesn’t tear you down into your component parts, the scraped-raw vocals will at least leave your skin scarred and scabbed."

"Trail Of The Serpent is a fantastic release! The intricacy of Galvano’s compositions while staying rooted in sludge is impressive and makes this album an engaging listen. The fast riff-based melodies constructed around the doom aesthetic keep the music interesting, adding depth and providing endless passages that are going to hurt your neck. Enjoy! "